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About Me

I have been a faculty member in Sabancı UniversityMSIE Programsince 2004. After receiving my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Turkey, I stayed in US for almost three years for my Ph.D. study. Right before Sabanci University, I worked as a post-doctorate research fellow in Holland for two years.

I am married to Pınar Yolum. We have two kids, Poyraz (born 2007) and Güneş (born 2010). When they allow, I try to look into some of the problems coming out of the list below.

General Research Interests

  • Computational operations research
  • Algorithm development for optimization problems
  • Nonlinear programming and convex analysis
  • Stochastic global optimization methods
  • Parallel optimization

Current Research

  • Parallel nonlinear optimization
  • Multi-agent global optimization
  • Airline revenue management and pricing
  • Large-scale linear programs with column-dependent-rows
  • Primal-dual approaches to set-covering problems
  • Combination of exact methods with heuristics for combinatorial optimization
  • Airline crew scheduling